PUYALLUP CARES invites you to get involved in 3 ways at this event:

Bring Items to Donate

Bring a donation with you we will be collecting Peanut Butter, Diapers, Backpacks, New socks and underwear, School Supplies,Tuna Fish, Household cleaning supplies.

• Learn about opportunities to give and serve

Many non-profits will be present with information and a list of opportunities to serve in their organization. Families youth and individuals will be able to sign up for these opportunities at the event.

Take the Eight/12 Challenge
Taking the Eight/12 Challenge means committing to giving or serving eight out of the next 12 months. Each person who takes the challenge will be given a Puyallup cares wrist band. Eight/12 Challenge T-shirts will be available for purchase.


Spring 2014 Newsletter

We believe in Community transformation through personal ministry. Together we can make a difference!

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